Energy & Utilities

Energy (Oil and Gas)

Energy Companies are under pressure to address challenges of energy security and sustainability in the changing geopolitical, environmental and economic scenario. We help energy companies achieve business challenges through Business Transformation, streamlining existing systems and integrating new IT systems.

VNuIT provides solutions with emerging technologies to bring new value creation opportunities in upstream and downstream operations of oil and gas companies.
Geospatial Solutions
Big Data Analytics
Operations Management


Utilities (Electric, Gas & Water)

Utilities (Electric, Gas & Water) are essential services that play a vital role in economic and social development. Utilities are one of the most asset-intensive industries. Utilities are facing challenges in improving customer retention, cross-selling in existing markets and capitalizing on opportunities in emerging markets, aging infrastructure and knowledge within the aging workforce. Utilities need to continuously improve operating efficiencies to deliver better and faster results at a lower cost.

VNuIT provides cost effective IT solutions that help companies improve and increase process automation. Our Enterprise Integration and Geospatial Solutions enable Utilities to improve customer reach and realize benefits of improvised asset management, billing, better customer service and most importantly demand response.
Geospatial Solutions
Enterprise Asset Management
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Information and Billing
Smart Grid
Big Data Analytics

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